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Miller Ag

Joe Miller: Owner

25286 US HIGHWAY 136
Arbela, MO 63432


Miller Ag is located 6 miles east of Memphis, Missouri on US HWY 136 in North East Missouri. Look for the blue Miller Ag sign and the equipment parked throughout.

The Miller Ag Story

The Miller Ag story began in 1954 when a local farmer named Waltman J Miller opened the Miller Agricultural Chemical Company. At the time it was a fairly new concept in agriculture --the application of commercial fertilizer. Waltman took considerable efforts to show the benefits of these fertilizers all the while faithfully serving the area farmers. Eventually the enterprise expanded into a Kent Feeds dealership. After Waltman's death his sons took on the responsibility of the farm and the reputation of the Miller Ag name.

Time passed, and the boys went their separate ways. Warren took over the farming and cattle operations. Ron took a job spreading fertilizer. And Joe took on the feed business and the Miller Ag mantle. After many years of supplying the needs of the area farmers, Joe sold the feed dealership. The daily lifting of hundreds of pounds of feed and equipment was increasingly hard on his back.

Joe's endeavors took an interesting turn when he bought some heavy equipment in order to dig out his basement. Before he could start the work on his home, someone bought his machinery from him. The basement still needing dug out, Joe bought another piece of heavy machinery and it too was sold. So began the business of buying, rebuilding, and selling equipment that continues to this day.