Vasindux Pro 3.0 Package

Vasindux Pro 3.0 PEMF Therapy Package. $2,495
The Vasindux Pro 3.0 PEMF Therapy Package Includes:

Vasindux Pro 3.0 Controller
Vasindux Pro 3.0 Full Body Mat
Vasindux Pro 3.0 Therapy Ring Attachment
Vasindux Pro 3.0 Mini Mat Attachment

What Makes the Vasindux Pro 3.0 PEMF Therapy Systems Unique?

The Vasindux Pro 3.0 system is the result of years of research. Manufactured in Europe, the Vasindux Pro 3.0 is a pulsed electromagnetic field device designed to improve cellular health. The pulsed magnetic fields assist in revitalizing the body at the cellular level. With 37 preset programs and 1 custom program, this system provides easy to use but advanced and specific options for the beginner and professional user.

Vasindux Mat can be used to help with many conditions.
1.Reduce Pain
2. Improve sleep
3. Increase circulation
4.Reduce Inflammation

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